Facebook wants to help its customers to sell more

Facebook wants to help its customers to sell more

After realizing that the communication they have made with clients about the changes of their advertising platform and the opening of their API has not been as effective as it should have been, the giant Facebook knows how to learn from its mistakes and according to Christian Hernández, Director of International Business Development of EMEA, the company is increasing the staff of its European platform and will be more active participating in events and meetings of developers such as the Facebook Developers Garage.

For Hernández, the company is to blame for the fact that the employees themselves are up to date on the roadmap of the company and a sign that the internal communication channels are not well developed. According to Hernández “our short-term goal is to get more involved, use the meetings of developers as marketing channels in which to explain the news and changes of the company.”

In a recent IPA online survey conducted on UK employees Facebook, together with Microsoft and Moneysupermarket, experienced a decline in their results. Specifically, its rate in the global experience category decreased by 6.2% compared to the results of the spring of 2010 and 7.3% in the interannual rate. However, there is also good news for the company as it was considered the best platform to communicate new opportunities.

According to data provided by Facebook, the company has more than one million developers and agencies working on the creation of content for its platform. For Tyle Turnbull, Planning Director of the Publicis Modem media agency, “Facebook is helping the agencies to evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies and campaigns on the platform, but it would be interesting if that help was transferred to the technical aspects that are they face the agencies when they launch campaigns in the social network “.

Another complaint that media agencies transmit to Facebook is the lack of transparency when it comes to publicizing their news, so they have to make great efforts to adapt their strategies to changes in the platform. An aspect in which Facebook also wants to work to improve.

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