Social Media Strategist and Community Manager: Two names and a destination

Social Media Strategist and Community Manager: Two names and a destination

There are many profiles that have made Social Networks appear, each with a different name and function.

As in any sector, each professional has his field, and each one of us is specialized in a field where we are the best in our company. But in a company they all work in the same direction, all pursue the same common goal, whether it is taking a product or improving the brand.

Two professionals who are often excluding in a company are the Social Media Strategist and the Community Manager. And I say that they are exclusive because, normally, where there is Social Media Strategist, he is the one who performs his functions plus those of Community Manager, and where there is a Community Manager, he is also the Social Media Strategist.

For those who are not clear about the difference between these two profiles, we will define them.

The Community Manager is the specialist in streamlining content and the audience. He is the one who deals every day with her and must detect their needs and satisfy them, even before they demand it. We can also say that it is the link between audience and company: it is the one who must transmit to the team any unmet need of the company and the one that brings the philosophy of the brand and its product to the audience. It’s public relations, so to speak.

On the other hand, the Social Media Strategist is the one who defines the strategy of the brand to follow in Social Networks, what actions to take, how to do it, carries out Critical and Reputation Plans, content marketing, chooses the channels in which we will have a presence and in what way we are going to be present in them … It is the brain of the operation and the one that gives the instructions to the Community Manager to execute his plan.

For this reason, the existence of one without the other is not understandable. They are like Batman and Robin or like Epi and Blas, they are not functionally conceived without each other, since they feed each other through the information that the Community Manager offers to the Strategist about the audience and their behavior.

The Community Manager is the hand of the Strategist, who executes the actions and who reaches the audience. It is essential for a company the presence of both figures, since, for their frequent skills, the Social Media Strategist does not usually have what is called “people skills” for the audience, so it is necessary that the Community Manager enters into game.

One is the extension of the other, and together they create a perfect personality: brain and body. As anatomically speaking, the one can not act independently of the other, Social Media Strategist and Community Manager need to be perfectly coordinated so that the strategy works perfectly. On the one hand, the Community Manager needs to know the philosophy and values ​​of the company, what objectives we pursue with the strategy and how we intend to achieve those objectives.

On the other hand, the Social Media Strategist needs the ability to transmit such data in a clear and understandable way to the Community Manager, so that, at least, he must have certain communication skills.

The perfect panorama is one in which the two figures are so interpenetrated that they do not differ. The body and the mind Planning and action

And what do you think? Should they be exclusive or complementary?

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