How to Avoid Hiring Disasters for Your Business

How to Avoid Hiring Disasters for Your Business

Every time you hire employees for your business, you’re essentially taking a big risk. A key point of risk management is assessing that risk and understanding how to reduce it. There is nothing worse than taking a leap of faith with someone out of good will, only to find that they let you down and cause havoc in the workplace. There are a few ways to greatly improve your chances of hiring someone reliable and avoid hiring a walking disaster.

Trust your instincts

There is no better judge of character than your own, especially if you’re the manager or owner of the business. If someone doesn’t gel with your way of doing things, then you best not hire them in the first place. When you’re interviewing potential new employees, be sure to ask questions that dig a little deeper than what experience and credentials they might have. Try to get an understanding of their personality and by gauging how they respond to certain questions. Do they seem like upbeat, positive people or are they sluggish and uninspired? A lot of information can be gained about their personality by just chatting about everyday things.

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Be ruthless

When narrowing down your options of who to employ, you’re going to have to be a little cutthroat. Analyzing the situation for too long might actually lead you to make a bad decision. Its important to go with your gut instinct and to reduce the pool of choices down to a minimum. If you’re saturated with options, then you might be acting a little too generous. Only one of these potential employees truly fits the bill, so be ruthless and leave your sympathy vote at the door. Only the strongest candidates should make it through your doors as a new employee.

Background checks

Whenever you’re looking to hire someone new, its important to do a little research into their background before you make any quick decisions. The first thing you can do is Google their name. You’d be surprised at how much information is readily available to you at the click of a button. Their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts will also reveal a lot about the person and you might be able to figure out what sort of lifestyle they lead. This will help you ascertain whether this person fits in with your company’s grander vision. Official police checks can be done in order to ascertain whether or not they have a criminal record and checking with previous employers is a great way to get a truthful opinion on their ability to perform in the workplace.

Call in the pros

Having someone help you with the interviewing process is a good way to get a more rounded opinion of the candidates in front of you. If that someone happens to be a professional with a wealth of knowledge about human resource management, they can be a tremendous asset. The Centre Group is a great example of this. They provide a variety of services, including searching out the very best employees for your business to meet your unique needs and workplace culture.

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