Top five advantages of being a locum GP over a salaried GP

Top five advantages of being a locum GP over a salaried GP

Freelance, supply, locum – they all sum up an idea of a person who isn’t affiliated to an employer. Although job security is an issue, in today’s fluid workplace, a locum GP’s role can be just as rewarding.

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So how does it work?

In essence, locum’s are self-employed. GP Locum Jobs can be seen as stressful but in this article we look at the benefits of such roles.

The work life balance

We all want it, we all strive for it. Being a locum can certainly help you work towards this as there is greater flexibility for a busy lifestyle. Salaried GPs are often overwhelmed with paperwork, not so for a locum. Plus, a locum can choose where and when they want to work.

Choose your hours

That said, here’s a word of caution. Don’t take too much time off as, with any career, it will suffer. Success comes from honing your craft. Such advice and more is available at

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Variety is the spice of life

If you are looking for variety, then choosing to practice as a locum has so many benefits as it provides the opportunity to work in many different areas. This can be great for career advancement.

Motivate it

The hum drum nature of work for many salaried GPs is not the case for a locum GP; beginning a new contract means that you need to make a fast and positive good impression. This naturally involves being motivated and being enthusiastic. Many locums say that this adds an air of excitement as they move between practices and areas of expertise. All GPs, salaried or not, want to make a good impression on their colleagues and on their patients; coming in as a locum, you need to hit the ground running in order to build both of these up.

All about the money

As a locum GP you will most definitely be in charge of how much you earn. A salaried GP receives the same amount every month but as a locum GP what you earn equates to how many hours you put in. There is also the capacity to earn a much higher salary, provided that you are prepared to put in the hours in order to reap the rewards.

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