Email is 4 times more effective to win customers than social networks

Email is 4 times more effective to win customers than social networks

The latest report from Monetate, which studies quarterly the effectiveness of online marketing actions, reads that email marketing is the most effective method when getting customers, ahead of search engines and Social Media; A trend that has been consolidated since the previous quarter, when the first study was conducted.

Email is 4 times more effective to win customers than social networksBased on data from Monetate, the rate of conversion of content published through emailing was 3% during the first quarter of the year; On the other hand, organic traffic registered 2%, social networks less than 1. The visits derived from the email were of higher quality; Registering the highest number of page views on the web of the companies surveyed.

The main advantage of email marketing actions is their high segmentation power. Thanks to the great advances in this area, it is possible to send a completely personalized message, adapted to the interests of the recipient and at the most opportune moment, within their purchasing process, applying for it nurturing.

Blair Lyon, Vice President of Monetate, highlights the great advantages of e-mailing as a technique to increase the volume of business, making a special appeal to those companies that have not yet been able to realize their full potential, and base their e-mail marketing strategy In the automation and massive sending of messages.

It is not the only study that makes relevance the effectiveness of e-mailing as a sales technique. BtoB Magazine recently published that this practice is the most used in getting new clients, although many companies still have problems in evaluating the real impact of these actions, since it is usual for users to click on the link Mail, but do not convert at that moment; Although later they return to the page to do it.

Do you use e-mailing within your online marketing actions?

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