Christmas is coming: Habits and trends highlighted between customers and consumers

Christmas is coming: Habits and trends highlighted between customers and consumers

Although practically, in just one month, we will begin the period of the Christmas holidays, the aroma and the typical atmosphere of these dates begins to feel closer and more present. That is why both sellers and consumers are prepared to address the moments where the purchases of gifts and all kinds of products are intensified. And this year, without a doubt, e-commerce, the Internet, and mobile devices will play a more important role than ever.

Internet users turn to the Internet to find their Christmas gifts at a better price

More than 70% of Internet users will turn to the Internet this year to find their Christmas gifts at a better price, so that they can alleviate the doldrums of the crisis and the dreaded January cost

This is clear evidence that Internet users continue to maintain the perception that the Internet is a meeting point for a greater number of “bargains” and offers than traditional stores, taking advantage of the directories of purchases for the hunting and capture of opportunities that lighten expenses of these holidays.

Smartphones and mobile devices in the processes of Christmas shopping

70% of consumers conduct research online before going to a store, where it was shown that Google is the main source of traffic 13 percentage points ahead of the yellow pages. But consumers also conduct research in the reviews of other portals (13%) and Facebook (12%).

Online sales are growing rapidly, but the vast majority of consumer spending is still carried out in the physical stores of the stores, although it is true that a large part of these sales are influenced by online research, mainly from their desktop computers.

According to a recent IBM analysis, it is expected that during the holiday season this year, 15% of people who log on to a retailer’s website, do so from a mobile device, in an unprecedented percentage the era of technology and mobile commerce.

Smartphone users will use mobile apps to do holiday shopping

Mobile phone users will use their devices in mass these holidays for their Christmas purchases, a practice that will be increased during Christmas shopping this year. According to Google, 78% of smartphone users will download or use a mobile application to make Christmas purchases being the most popular price related. In addition, mobile devices are positioned as one of the tools for online research and comparison of all types of products before making purchases.

Coupons and Discounts

One of the great virtues and benefits that the internet offers to consumers is the possibility of accessing the search for all kinds of coupons, special offers and promotions. Search that undoubtedly during Christmas shopping increase considerably. Therefore, during this year, this will be a growing trend among most online consumers and those who investigate to subsequently make purchases in traditional stores.

Acting in Local

All the data that we have analyzed without hesitation shows us the evidence that mobile phones offer a great opportunity for retailers and local businesses. Retailers who invest in mobile technologies not only help avoid competition, but also create a more convenient and rewarding shopping experience for consumers, and consumers have the ability to easily find information on products and services. promotional coupons, which in turn inspires customer loyalty.

QR codes

The use of QR codes can be of great interest to consumers if the merchants make proper use of them, taking advantage of this, the increase in the influx of customers to stores and shops.

Merchants and sellers must know how to take advantage of the boom of this type of code increasingly demanded among consumers. Placement in strategic, visible and accessible places to be scanned with mobile devices inside or outside the establishment, promoting different offers or discounts, can be a highly effective strategy to increase sales or attract new customers.

Free shipping and returns

According to a recent study by e-Tailing Group, 73% of consumers consider very important the free shipping of a product when they go to make an online purchase, while 70% consider that the free return of the same has great importance. These are undoubtedly some of the highly valued aspects among online shoppers and really essential, that all sellers and retailers should have a presence during Christmas sales and purchases.

E-mail marketing and E-mail

Email has been a constantly evolving medium since the Internet began. However, with the advent of social networks and new mobile devices, it has seen the need to resurface with new changes.

Although this channel for many has gone into the background, it is during periods of mass purchases like those of the Christmas holidays, where email marketing can be more effective if the message and context provide really relevant information for the consumer.

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