Positioning in Search Engines. Keys to boost the tourism sector

Atraczion, the Association of Entrepreneurs of the Alt Empordà in collaboration with ?? la Caixa ??, the City of Roses and Booking.com organize a conference of Online Mediation Atraczion, leading company in online marketing, has participated today in the Conference of Online Mediation organized by the Association of Entrepreneurs of the Alt Empordà in collaboration with ?? la Caixa ??, the City of Roses and Booking.com.

During the conference the keys have been developed to enhance the tourism sector through the Internet, as well as the importance of the concept of online intermediation to attract customers and to optimize the competitiveness of companies. Under the title ?? Business and Internet positioning: the key to success??, Xavier Nieto, Commercial Director of Atraczion, has been in charge of analyzing the concept of visibility in the Network, of publicizing the importance of positioning in search engines and presenting the different Online Marketing strategies that any company should follow to succeed on the Internet Our services aim to attract potential customers to a Web page, convert those visits into customers or buyers, and measure the results obtained, analyzing the use made of the page to achieve maximum profitability.

Thanks to our solutions, customers like the Calipolis Hotel in Sitges have increased the number of visits to their website by 300% compared to the previous year, “says Xavier Nieto. Likewise, throughout the day, the Web 2.0 phenomenon was analyzedand how this reality is changing the specific weight of the consumer in the valuation of products, companies and services by the markets.

In addition, the change in business paradigm has been examined in which companies are not only oriented to achieve the excellence of the product / service they offer, but in turn satisfy the individualized needs of each consumer through the personalization offered by the Internet. According to Nieto, “It is important to implement marketing strategies that allow you to segment and get to know the customer better in order to increase your loyalty and thus increase the profitability of the business. Without a doubt, the companies that already apply these strategies begin to perceive the impact on the improvement of their income statement ??.

In this sense, about Atraczion Atraczion has extensive experience of almost 10 years in Web design and development, as well as global Online Marketing solutions optimized for search engines. it has a multidisciplinary team of 90 people. The objective of the company is to make the Internet presence of its clients profitable, concentrating its efforts and its budget on the most profitable actions. To do this, Atraczion develops its own technology, investigating the behavior of search engines and user trends.

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