2 out of 3 mobile users use their devices while watching TV

2 out of 3 mobile users use their devices while watching TV

The consolidation of the mobile as a second screen is already a fact, confirms the latest study by InMobi, which indicates that at least 2 out of 3 mobile users use this device while watching television. A practice that extends globally; The survey was conducted among more than 15,000 users of these smart devices, distributed in 14 countries.

Who are the main adherents to multiscreening?

As it could not be less, the Millenials are the ones who most use their mobile when they sit in front of the TV (69%).

2 out of 3 mobile users use their devices while watching TVHow much time do you spend on your mobile device?

On average, users devote 7 hours a day to content consumption, of which, the mobile phone takes the most part, with108 minutes a day; While users assign 93 to the computer, 92 to the television and 37 to the tablet.

What do users do with the mobile phone while watching TV?

  • Among the most common activities carried out by viewers with their smartphone, it highlights their activity in social networks (48%) along with instant messaging (46%). 30% also play or listen to music.
  • Twenty percent of respondents say they are looking for more information about a product or service they have seen on television.
  • What is a representative data is that 3 out of 4 respondents acknowledge having discovered something new thanks to their smartphone.
  • 45% acknowledge that the mobile has influenced their buying behavior.

Undoubtedly, this multi-screen behavior has a high potential for brands, who can use to connect with the audience in real time, and seek an immediate response through the smartphone. Shrikant Latkar, vice president of global marketing at InMobi, says that the fact that viewers use their mobile devices while in front of the big screen can be understood as a predisposition to improve that experience. This is a golden opportunity to foster interactions and connect with the target audience.

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