How to Secure Luggage When You Travel

How to Secure Luggage When You Travel

While securing your suitcase is not a perfect solution, there are a number of ways to do it to keep your items as safe and secure as possible. One way is to use a combination lock, which is safer than a padlock. Padlocks can be easily copied and lost while travelling as you will need to carry a key with you. Combination locks don’t require a key and are therefore a more secure option.

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Various locks are available at luggage stores and online. Some luggage pieces come with locks built-in, while others can be purchased separately. You can also buy combination locks that are approved. Investing in a combination lock can be a good option if your luggage contains valuables.

Locks are a tried and tested method of securing your bag, but they don’t guarantee security. Some people can break a combination lock. It also depends on the material of your suitcase. Ultimately, whilst you may be reimbursed for items stolen from checked baggage, do you really want this kind of upsetting hassle while you’re on a holiday or business trip? As a result, it’s wise to keep expensive items in your pocket or hand luggage, and carry delicate souvenirs and important documents on your person.

Some travellers like to use luggage tags or seals. These prevent unauthorised people from opening your bag without your permission. For more information on a Security Seal, visit a site like

Keep in mind that some locks have weak zippers and can be easily broken with a sharp object. Regardless of how good your lock is, make sure it’s industry approved and good quality. Whether it’s a careless mistake or a witty thief, securing your luggage is a must. It will protect your belongings and increase the chance that they will reach your destination intact.

Keep your luggage close to you. Secured bags take longer to open, and you’re more likely to notice if someone is tampering with it. While it may seem like common sense, not everyone in the world is out to steal your bag. People tend to ignore luggage when it’s out of sight. But that doesn’t mean you should forget to keep your bag nearby.

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Also, if you’re travelling with expensive items, be sure to secure them inside your luggage. While some airlines do not check luggage with valuables, you should always keep your laptop or expensive jewellery in your carry-on luggage. Even if your luggage has been labelled as “fragile,” you’re still risking your valuables if you leave them in a suitcase.

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