PlayStation and business networks will be combined in a new company: Sony Interactive Entertainment

PlayStation and business networks will be combined in a new company: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony has decided that the network business must go hand PlayStation, so creating a new company to be called Sony Interactive Entertainment. Two of his most powerful divisions come together to make services better for customers.

The news just now made official, but as usual in this type of movement, it will not be a reality until a few months, specifically April 1. For which and lost, the names of the companies are combining Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment (SCE and SNEI).

The president of this new initiative, we could start naming as SIE will be Andrew House. He also will serve as CEO, so we will see him at events and presentations, as is currently the head of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI), one of the companies to merge.


“A company dedicated to improving the service users over the next twenty years of life of PlayStation”

The new company will be based in the United States, specifically in San Mateo (California). Although the business carried to America, there are two important offices in London and Tokyo.

The idea of bringing together hardware, software, and network services in one place makes sense, since it is a tough business to be sold separately, and all energies must go in the same direction, with rapid and synchronized decisions. The two main parts of this game will be PS4 and PlayStation VR.

Looking back, we have to SCE been founded in 1993 to give support to the booming business of PlayStation. As for SNEI, he is younger; the networking business dates from 2010.

Sony, a company changing

In a company like Sony is not surprising so much movement in its main divisions, we have recently experienced a reorganization of the company to pump up business where they get profitability, and are leaders: image and video games. Since 2012 already they expressed their intention to unify business and make concessions if necessary.

Other divisions, such as those responsible for the TVs or phones, still alive, but appear in the background and you never know when it will be negative about news. We saw what happened with VAIO, the company that created the fantastic and portable computers.

There are changes to be highlighted in the hierarchy of the new company. For example, Shawn Layden, who commanded in SCE America, now is the boss in Worldwide Studios. The previous person in charge of this department was Shuhei Yoshida, now it depends on the US.

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