The new skills needed to succeed as a Social Media Manager

The new skills needed to succeed as a Social Media Manager

In their book The NOW Revolution, published in 2011, Jay Baer and Amber Naslund predicted that social media would be more of a skill set than a job.

As companies take steps and become more “social” and incorporate a whole series of social initiatives into their activities and businesses, going beyond activities in social marketing programs, employees from all divisions and departments will Using and incorporating the “social” to be more effective, in the same way that other technologies and tools were incorporated historically, such as telephone, email, etc.

Little by little, companies are making progress on this path. Even so, we can continue to see how companies keep specialists to execute social media marketing actions as part of their responsibilities, although the skills required for this group are changing rapidly.

Just a couple of years ago, the features sought in a community or social media manager were a combination of excellent communication skills, familiarity with technology, organization and empathy.

More recently, when calculating ROI and other measures on the effectiveness of social media have been incorporated as a necessity to the majority of social marketing programs, to have some knowledge about statistics and use of tools such as Excel, etc.

However, a new requirement for many community or social managers, especially among those who are responsible for programs for small and medium-sized enterprises, and for those who work individually, is now taking force. We refer to the need to have knowledge and experience in the management of visual and graphic resources. And we are not talking about a professional knowledge of all products and computer programs, but with the increasing presence and weight of images in social networks, a good manager must be prepared to create and to know how to use that element that you Will attract the attention and interest of users. And as many have already heard, “an image is not worth 1000 words, but 140 sure.”

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