The analysis of data in real time in social networks acquires relevance between companies and brands

The analysis of data in real time in social networks acquires relevance between companies and brands

Companies are becoming aware of the importance of responding to customers, and the advantages of adapting the message in real time, depending on the social conversation. 

According to the new eMarketer report “Meeting the Need for Speed: How Social Analytics Support Real-Time Marketing”, brands already monitor the presence of their brand in Social Media and know what they think or what is said about them, as well Such as the degree of satisfaction of its consumers, users and customers. Now the next step is to develop the ability to respond to comments and complaints in real time.

This type of communication goes beyond keeping the profile alive, making regular updates, talking about the users, taking an active part in the conversation, in such a way that they demonstrate that they are there to serve them. The eMarketer report shows how big brands are using social analytics to quickly generate content that resonates with increased response and engages more engagement. This type of information can be adapted to relevant issues of the moment or events of great social coverage. Also, this dialogue also helps companies to get a first-hand view of their followers’ opinions about their products or services, which makes them easier to make strategic business decisions.

The results obtained by eMarketer confirm the forecast raised by the survey conducted in 2012 by Infogroup Targeting Solutions and Yesmail Interactive, which said that 53% of marketers globally had planned to make a better use and use of the Analytical in real time. Even 80% said they intended to extrapolate this information to other areas of marketing.

Gordon Evans, Vice President of Product Marketing at Salesforce, points out that “brands that listen in real time and use this information to readapt their campaigns or respond to their customers are the ones who are really getting positive results in Social Media.”

In order to take advantage of this social information in real time, companies must have the necessary human and economic resources, which will allow the viability of a work team with the necessary training to perform these functions, as well as the appropriate tools .

How do you use social analytics? Do you respond to your customers in real time?

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