Social Media: 10 common mistakes as easy to avoid

Social Media: 10 common mistakes as easy to avoid

Social Media is a relatively new ‘concept’, which has developed in a very short time, where without realizing it we have been immersed, in many cases without having the necessary preparation for it. It can be said that we have almost been forced to grow with him, to learn based on trial, error, with the inconveniences that this entails. Even today we find ourselves making mistakes every day; the good thing is knowing how to identify them, detect them in time and learn from them.

Here you have a series of the most common banzee has been able to synthesize perfectly in an interesting infographic. 10 common mistakes that are made in social media, frequent practices found in social marketing.

Public only about your brand and nothing more than your brand. It is clear that a corporate profile is about the company, but it is not an online corporate magazine. Here is any kind of information about it, its products, news? but if we use it only and exclusively for that we forget a fundamental component in Social Media: share quality content, interesting for users. Selfishness has no place in social networks.

Include non-descriptive links. We agree that in a tweet there is no room for more than 140 characters, hence the proliferation of URL shortening, but you must also bear in mind that each of these messages is a unique opportunity to impact the user; has its own intentionality, and therefore has to contain a complete message, the best clear. To do this you must strive to encourage the user to click, either with a call for attention, or with a promise to quality content. If you send a tweet where only a shortened url is included, very few users will decide to click on it and you will have lost your chance to reach them.

Clear negative comments. Criticism does not only contribute to disparage the brand, but also contributes credibility to the corporate profile. The good management of the same implies honesty on the part of the company, and it can be an opportunity for it to show its most human side, recognize its error and loyalty to the client, attending to its request and knowing how to compensate it. It is only advised to eliminate or modify those comments that include insults or expressions of bad taste, according to the education policy and good practices in social networks.

Do not respond to followers. Social networks are not a road without return, but a channel where communication flows in a bidirectional way. The users are directed to the companies in this way to express their comments and suggestions, about which they expect a response. A profile where the interaction shines by its absence and the contributions of the users are forgotten will not contribute at all to generating engagement.

Do not give thanks. It is well born to be grateful. Popular saying that perfectly reflects the practice that fans expect from their brands. A few words of thanks, a kind comment? they are simple details that promote the relationships between users and company; what makes fans take into account your proposals and promotions.

Make publications incomprehensible to the majority of the community. More often than not, we see in our Time Line tweets that include a series of emoticons or an incomplete sentence, meaningless? this only produces visual contamination and encourages rejection by users. Avoid them.

Abuse the hashtags. Its use on Twitter is as usual as recommended, as long as it is done correctly, that is, it is related to the content it accompanies, serves to complete or classify it, and does not occupy much of the message. When determining how many hashtags you can insert into a tweet, apply that “three are a crowd”.

Do not follow the competition. Why not? If they offer relevant information related to the sector, there is no reason not to do so. It can even be an incentive for the company, who must firmly propose to develop a strategy in Social Media that gathers interesting actions that suppose a referent for the others.

Have an outdated profile. It is devastating to find a corporate profile where the latest update dates from immemorial times. The Social Media is the channel of immediacy, where what happened in the morning, may have taken a radical turn during the day and have become obsolete? It is impossible to get more followers for your social network if not even you take care of it.

Reduce brand presence to few social networks.It is interesting to take advantage of the potential of each social network, to focus the strategy according to the nature of each medium. In this way the possibilities of obtaining a greater number of followers are broadened and, on the other hand, of getting engagement with them; since in each case you will speak to them in their language. If you reduce your presence only to two social networks, for example, you will be missing a large part of the pie. Neither is it about being registered in all of them, and publishing all the same content automatically, but having a broad range of vision and diversifying communication.

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