SMEs get their hands on and increase their commitment to Social Media

SMEs have risen to the heels of new technologies, and they do not plan to go down; Indeed, they have learned to work in this environment and will continue to bet on them. Approximately a quarter of small and medium-sized businesses are increasing their investment in social media marketing; According to the study carried out by Manta.

Finger pointing on tablet pc, social media conceptIt is a sector that has limited resources, both personal and economic, so you should bet on initiatives that help you optimize your investment. In this way, they are directing their efforts towards those platforms that allow them to focus their actions according to their objectives. For their part, social networks are no longer a strange medium for them, but have some experience, which is very useful in designing their strategy:

  • Approximately 50% of participants in the Manta survey indicate that year after year their presence in social networks increases.
  • One third of the pummies dedicate between 1 and 3 hours a week to the management of their social networks.
  • The 10% spend at least 10 hours to the social activity of your company at the end of the week.

Every effort gets its result; A third of the companies surveyed admit that their activity in social networks has reported benefits of up to 2,000 dollars.

In a previous survey of the same company, published in September, SMEs emphasized the role of social networks in generating networking. 78% of the participants recognized that they had obtained 25% more customers thanks to social networks. The main challenge for 58% of these small companies was conquering Facebook, using it as a means to get closer to the customer and to know better. In the current study, still 18% consider that this social network presents the most difficulties in developing an effective presence for the brand.

Definitely, SMEs have appreciated the opportunity offered by social networks, and are willing to increase their investment and dedication in this environment.

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