Linkedin Marketing Strategies: The Recommendations

Linkedin Marketing Strategies: The Recommendations

Traditionally it has been considered a platform for networking or attracting new talent for companies, but the constant changes and new functionalities introduced to the platform have contributed to make it a much more flexible and suitable tool for B2B actions.

In this article we will talk about how to take advantage of the “recommendations” in LinkedIn. All part of the idea that any type of business is part of the “trust” they have about your person, your experience and your knowledge, the recommendations are testimonials that enrich your CV in LinkedIn, so it is very important that you drive as a strategy of Marketing to collect them systematically among your customers.

“We do business with PEOPLE, NOT with companies” 

Nothing better to generate confidence than a good “Testimonial”. Ask the people who have worked with you to send you a recommendation. Here the key is to be a professional testimony, are not worth the “friendly” recommendations, you need to prove that you have generated results in a certain activity.

Very important, it asks that they add in the recommendation the section of “best qualities” since these are considered keywords.

Please do not make the mistake of asking for recommendation to someone who does not know your work directly or with whom you have not had a close or face-to-face relationship online. The recommendations are solicited from people who can really validate your work.

Once you get the recommendation, it is polite to return the favor, Only if you really can recommend these people, that is, if you know and have experienced their work. If you do not, please do not send recommendations.

Beware of the recommendations of “friends”, we are looking for “serious and formal” testimonials of your work, they look very bad texts full of praise to the person, but empty comments on work, such as: obtaining results, Skills, knowledge, etc.

Note the goal of requesting at least two recommendations a week between your contacts. Do not miss the opportunity to apply after having completed a project, participated in a conference or concluded a business.

As always I hope this brief information will be useful. I would love to have your comments and know your opinion. Soon more post of the series “Strategies of Marketing in LinkedIn”.

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