How to take advantage of storytelling in social networks

The combination of social media and storytelling can offer extremely rewarding results for your company. Storytelling means literally telling stories. Yes, do you remember when you were little and told you: “there was once”, … and you were completely quiet and silent to hear the story that began? If we found it interesting or blinked to the end.

Have you stopped to think that social media is the same? If you start reading a story and you find it interesting: you will read until the end. Goal number one: make the story interesting. When your friends ask you how the conference you attended has gone or what you have done during the weekend you do not answer saying: at the conference I spoke with 22 people and I asked 3 questions answered by 2 people, .. .. Not even on the weekend I drank 10 beers and I was with 5 friends, …. Right? What you do is that you tell a story.

In your business or brand happens in the same way. We must tell a story that reaches many people!  After all we are not a business connected to customers, but people connecting with other people. And the best way to do it and reach more people is through social networks.

How to take advantage of storytelling in social networksEvery company has a story to tell, for example from its beginnings. Even the largest companies in the world can tell a story of how they were founded. For example, our famous Mark Zuckerburg was in a dorm room when he started creating Facebook. It is the story of how it began which can humanize the company and make it more attractive, arouse the interest of other people regardless of the size of it. You can apply this to your products, tell your story! For this you can think of things like: where did the idea come from when creating this product? Or how did we come up with the formula?

Your story can be very interesting, but  still needs to convince that can solve the problems of others . Your goal is not to become one of the best stories counters the world, but getting  increasing business. What you need to do is develop a story that helps people unite the points between their problems and how to solve them.

Before you should invest a lot of money to tell your story through television ads or newspapers and that way reach a large audience. Now social networks make it much easier for us to connect with people and to listen to your story.

Advantages of applying storytelling in your social media strategy :

  1. Create interest, therefore engagement
  2. Connects people
  3. Get your target audience feeling identified

How to apply the strategy of storytelling to your company :

1. Unveiling stories of the day-to-day of your brand:

  • Look at the day-to-day events that you take for granted
  • Take advantage of real examples

2. Shows through the stories the value of your company :

  • Investigate how to differentiate yourself from the competition and reflect it in your stories

3. Give life and color to your stories:

  • Create a beginning, a kernel and an end
  • Causes emotional reactions
  • Reflect on people’s lifestyle, problems, interests and needs

4. Use the appropriate format

  • Use more than words
  • Create easy-to-share stories
  • Make content easy to digest, regardless of format

5. Get your audience to want more

  • Provides reasons to return
  • Uses advances
  • Offer new content on your return


  • Stories have to be short and concise
  • You must foster the emotional side of the story
  • Always keep in mind what your target audience is
  • Think it’s a story about your brand, not about your brand
  • Keep in mind the way your audience interacts and what they say about your brand

Do not forget: stories stir up motivation and even inspiration and incite people to act. So I would not define Storytelling simply as the art of storytelling, but as the art of making sense of a brand.

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