5 Fundamental reasons for being in social networks

5 Fundamental reasons for being in social networks

The Internet has revolutionized all aspects of our businesses and our personal lives in the last 20 years. Today, we have entered a new deep revolution that has created new and different behaviors among consumers.

This revolution is being driven by people and the contribution of social media. As a result, companies can no longer afford not to take advantage of social media. The following reasons analyze why to use social media in companies:

356% increase in traffic in social networks since 2009

The number of people who use social networks in their daily lives is continually growing at a rate never seen before. This new type of communication has a huge impact on opinions, cultural trends, information dissemination and even the commercial success of new products. More importantly, social networks have been revealed as a fundamental mechanism in the organization of the latest social movements.

22% more time dedicated to social networks than any other online activity

Horizontal and general social networks offer information that was previously limited to the use of search engines, but the increase in the number of users, brands and companies present in the network make social media an environment that encompasses a multitude of information

80% increase in the time dedicated to social networks through mobile devices

The recent proliferation of mobile devices and connectivity helps drive the continued growth of social media. The average time spent by consumers on mobile devices has increased in general and in particular the use of social networks

60% of people know a brand through social networks

It is clear that with the proliferation of information, consumers, like other types of users, are looking for references, and it is in social networks that they come to find opinions, comments, complaints and thus form an opinion.

47% of consumers turn to brands in social networks

Consumers, more and more, approach brands in social networks such as customer service, questions, claims, congratulations, opinions.

Brands should consider these aspects and know how to react in all its channels

Do you think you should be in social networks ?, or not yet?

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