Why everyone should have fire safety training

Why everyone should have fire safety training

Knowing how to act in the event of a fire is an important skill for your employees to have. The actions of one person undoubtedly affect others around them.  Training in fire safety is therefore about making sure everyone knows what to do in an emergency. Not only is it the smart choice, but it’s also the law.

What do my employees need to know about fire safety?

Fire safety training should include everything from preventing fire and follow the correct procedures, to how to stay safe and escape in the event of a fire. Obviously, the best scenario is for your employees to never experience a fire, and it starts by being aware of fire prevention. Educate staff on best practices for making your workplace and everyone in it safe.

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You should have an emergency plan in place to cover what should happen in the event of a fire. A training program may include how to respond in the event of a fire alarm, and the location of the safety assembly point. Employees must know not only where they need to go, but the most secure route they can take. Make sure everyone knows how to operate fire doors. For more information on Fire Safety Training Bristol, visit a site like https://www.bristolfire.co.uk/fire-training-and-risk-assessment/

It is worthwhile to give people the basic knowledge about the operation of fire extinguishers and other means to prevent the fire from spreading further. The training will also include knowing when it is safe to tackle a fire rather than evacuate. You may want to choose a specific employee to undertake advanced training in firefighting and emergency actions like the safe closing down of dangerous equipment and making sure everyone has left.

When do I need to train my employees?

Fire safety training is something that should be continuously renewed to keep everyone up to date and secure. Current staff must receive regular update courses so that they do not forget the information. New employees also need to receive this training, as well as staff who have been come from other buildings or sites – nobody in the business should be without this training.

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If anything changes that affects the safety risk of fire in your building, you need to train your staff to keep them up to date. There may be increased risk, so you need to change a gathering place or a contingency plan or get a new firefighting equipment. If something happens in your business that leaves people open to making mistakes because of ignorance, you need to refresh and update their knowledge.

Stay secure business with fire safety training

Fire safety training helps to protect your business. It makes sure everyone holds the same information on keeping safe and thus lowering the risk of injury or death in the unlikely event of a fire. Basic firefighting skills can also help to prevent a small fire from becoming a major emergency.

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