What do you need to know about flat web design

Just as in the worlds of fashion and home interiors, website design is susceptible to new trends. One of the latest big ideas currently taking the internet by storm is that of flat web design.

What do you need to know about flat web design

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What is flat web design?

Most web developers credit Apple with the popular three-dimensional approach to web design. They created graphics and icons that were designed to look as realistic as possible, with shadows and reflections helping to endorse this idea.

Microsoft bucked the trend with its Windows 8 icons, opting instead for a two-dimensional look across its icons. The idea has swiftly taken hold amongst web designers, who quickly appreciated the clean and uncluttered look of the new scheme. All extraneous design elements are removed, leaving a minimalist screen that is easy on the eye and, perhaps most importantly, easy to navigate.

According to Econsultancy Google has modelled its latest Material Design manifesto on flat design trends. Given the powerful influence that Google has on all things digital, this is surely a sign of a trend that is here to stay.

Why is flat web design becoming so popular?

Web developers have come to realise that amazing three-dimensional graphics and a high degree of ornamentation actually does nothing to improve visitor conversions. An eye-popping website might attract plenty of visitors, but unless those visitors go on to make a purchase, then the website has achieved very little.

This fact is not lost on companies such as http://www.dbprofile.com/services-web-development/, which specialises in web development in Kent. They point out that conversions are the absolute goal of every good website, and flat web design can help to facilitate this.

What do you need to know about flat web design2

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By paring down the ornamentation, shadows and three-dimensional effects, a website has to focus on content and usability, which are the cornerstones of any good website. Unfortunately, these aspects have often been lost somewhere in the design process, as website designers have concentrated on showing off their graphics skills.

A clean and uncluttered website allows its core message to sing out, without being drowned by unnecessary details. The visitor can focus on the task in hand, which is to make a purchase, join a mailing list, or otherwise interact with your brand.

Website trends come and go, but flat design is one trend which looks set to stay for the foreseeable future.

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