Useful tips to improve brain function

Not only our body needs in training but also the brain. To sit down to think or read – it does not charge for it. If you want to improve your brain, learn to be diligent, revision sunny7 will share useful tips on how to do it.

All day we stimulate our brains to work in different energy drinks, and at the end of the day, we feel that the potential dries up and does not have the strength for creativity and creativity. This is normal because the brain may also be tired.

1. Crosswords

How long have you picked up a crossword puzzle? Surely, it is not enough time. But it will not only help improve brain function but also help to distract from all the problems of the day, relax. You can take the puzzle, puzzles, and puzzles – whatever you like.

Useful tips to improve brain function

2. Without feelings

Better brain functions with the help of the ban of one of the senses. For example, when we are on something are concentrated, include all six senses, and try unplugging something. You have prepared a delicious dinner, and now try it with your eyes closed. Try to focus on taste and imagine how a dish looks like, now you bring in the fork to his mouth, etc. Do this exercise when you are at complete rest. It will be interesting for you to know which of the senses have developed more.

3. Include a fantasy

Even if you are a man, a mathematician and you have in mind some figures, do not neglect the imagination. That it improves brain function and you will be easier to cope with the same algorithms. For example, you are asked a question that involves a logical answer. And will you do differently: leave beyond it. Do not answer stamps and blanks of educational books. Moreover, you can boost your memory recall power with Phenylethylamine (PEA), which also helps in learning capacities and memory formation.


Many people like to collect quotes writers. But every day in life happens just as interesting, and catch phrases are born by themselves. Begin to write them down.

5. Without frames

Improve brain function is possible only in the event that it is not obstructed. Do not live according to the principle: “so it is accepted” or “what will people say about me.” Do you like to go barefoot? Excellent! Why spend money on slippers. Do not drive yourself in the box, but do not go too far. Find a happy medium. For example, tired of the dress code at work, you have two days off to dress as you conveniently and comfortably.

6. Faster-slower

Improve brain function as possible if alternate work space. If you do everything with one speed, then you go to sleep, or on the go, or bored. If the works that require regularity and a certain slowness, they do not devote their entire day, alternate with those things that need to be addressed minutely: to make an important call, rush out to the courier, etc.

These tips for improving brain function to help you, if you do them regularly. They do not require much effort and everyone will be happy.

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