The history of web design trends

The history of web design trends

It seems that the internet has been around for ever, yet it is still a relatively new technological development. The speed with which it has permeated every aspect of life is a testament to its power and importance. Here we take a look at the history behind web design trends.

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In the beginning

According to the Telegraph, it is almost exactly 25 years since Tim Berners Lee created the very first website, which was specifically designed to enable electronic documents to be shared between computers. The very first page was first put online in August 1991; however, no screenshots were available until the following year.


As the technology grew and developed, the internet became more widespread and people around the world started to go online to join the digital revolution. Websites in these early days were text-based, with ostentatiously clickable links to encourage people to explore the world wide web.


This era, commonly referred to as ‘Web 2.0’, saw a dramatic improvement in web design and an increasing number of people going online to explore the internet for themselves. Colours and graphics took centre stage as user experience became more important. Web designers began to incorporate graphic design elements to encourage people to clink on links and interact with web pages.

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Known as the era of skeuomorphic design, Apple is credited with introducing this trend. Buttons and icons were made to look as close as possible to their real-life counterparts, using colour, light and shade to provide realism and depth. This incredibly popular style of web design was widely used throughout the internet.


The current trend is for flat design, in a complete contrast to skeuomorphism. Rather than making buttons and icons look lifelike, the aim is to create a two-dimensional representation of the object in question, keeping fancy detailing to an absolute minimum.

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