Six ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your business

Six ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your business

In recent years, businesses have been keen to minimise the impact they are making on the environment, and many have become more environmentally conscious. From pollutants to energy, and waste management, there are a number of areas where companies can make efficient cut-backs.

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Switch off your computer and laptop

Switching off appliances can help you play your part in minimising your carbon footprint. Don’t leave the computer or laptop in sleep mode. Switch the computer off every evening; making this small change can save over £40 each year in energy costs. Phone chargers can drain electricity if they aren’t unplugged when the phone is fully charged.

Save on lighting costs

Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs throughout the workplace can help reduce the carbon footprint. LED lightbulbs don’t get too hot, and they use less energy.

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Buy local and save

Buying local for your business can also contribute toward doing your bit for the environment. Buying local means a reduction in miles, alleviating the need for unnecessary transportation. The purchase of everything from stationery to heavy machinery can be localised.

Recycle unwanted paper

Even simple measures such as recycling unwanted paper can drastically reduce your carbon footprint and the impact on the environment. Using a confidential shredding service such as will ensure private information remains secure. Hard drives, ink cartridges and other computer components can also be recycled.

According to the Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard, a new recycling service will require residents to separate their food and garden waste using new outdoor waste receptacles.

Insulating the office to reduce amount spent on heating

Insulating the office is economical and good for business, but it can also be a step toward demonstrating your care and concern for the environment. A good form of insulation means you can turn the thermostat down in the office.

Do you really need to travel?

Meetings can be conducted via channels such as Skype, which will cut down on unnecessary travel. Cutting out plane, rail and car journeys will reduce your carbon footprint. If it is absolutely necessary to travel, the car can be swapped for the train. To make a good impression and to show their commitment to all things green, the business could offer to carry out their own creative initiative, such as making a charitable donation.


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