Six key reasons to update your website

Six key reasons to update your website

The days of being able to set up any old website and sit back for the traffic to come are well and truly over. When it is done correctly, it is a cost-effective way to promote your business and generate leads.

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However, it is vital that you know how to set your site up and operate it correctly. Here are six key reasons for you to update your website.

1. You need to make it mobile friendly

More people access the web from mobile devices than from PCs and laptops.
According to the leading search engine magazine, Search Engine Journal, things are actually getting worse in this respect! Mobile speed metrics are worse in 2018 than they were in 2017. You could take advantage of this by making your site mobile-friendly.

2. To make it visually appealing

It is important that you take into consideration your target audience. For example a wills and probate Cheltenham company such as will be appealing to a different demographic than a hairdressers and the same design template will not work for both companies.

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It needs to have plenty of useful information and indicate that you are an expert in the field. It needs to look professional and be well-designed. Keep it up to date and relevant.

3. To get the coding right

Your site needs to be browser-compatible and it needs to have valid source code. The techniques that make a website more usable are changing every year. Perhaps, it’s time to take another look at yours? There are probably things that could be done to improve your load speeds and this can improve your Google ranking.

4. To get the photographs right

The cheapest option is not necessarily the best when it comes to website photography. There are many dated websites out there that rely too much on free stock photographs. You may need to commission your own photographs to make sure that they accurately reflect your brand and values.

5. To get the call to actions right

Without an interesting and effective call to action, you will not be able to convert visitors to paying customers. Make sure that you have a clear button or link that drives people from your landing page to a sale.

6. To upgrade the content

Are you providing useful information that solves problems for your readers? It needs to be fresh and unique to keep people engaged.

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