Simple and Effective Ways to Improve Web Design

The sole purpose of a business website is to attract visitors, persuading them to part with their cash for your products or services. Yet far too many businesses muddy the waters by failing to ensure that their websites perform their role adequately.

Make sure that your site is attracting and retaining visitors by following these golden rules for web design. 

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Intuitive Navigation

No visitor wants to spend time trying to understand your site’s navigation system, but some website owners still fail to understand this simple fact. According to Econsultancy (, poor navigation is considered to be a ‘mortal sin’, so if your site’s navigation isn’t clear and intuitive, then you need to fix it immediately.

Link Your Logo to Your Home Page

Your company logo should be of a high-resolution professional design standard, and clicking on it should take you immediately to the site’s home page. This is an important unwritten rule of web design that should never be broken. 

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Use White Space

A very basic web design error is to cram too much information into every page. White space is an important design feature, allowing different elements of the site’s design to ‘breathe’, and failure to include sufficient space makes your website look cramped and uncomfortable. Of course, few business owners can possibly hope to have sufficient design knowledge to create a stunning website, but you can source professional web design in Tunbridge Wells, Taunton and Tottenham who can assist you, with companies providing web design in Tunbridge Wells

even offering free assessment sessions to show you how improvements could be made to make your website more effective.

Avoid Clutter

Too much information is as bad as too little when it comes to web design. Visitors don’t need to see endless photographs of your bricks-and-mortar store, and nor do they need to read endless reams of content saying the same thing in different ways. Keep your content factual and relevant, and trim out any excess images and paragraphs for a sleek and easy-to-read layout.

Add Visual Appeal

Using unsuitable fonts and inappropriate colours won’t get your message across effectively, so choose fonts and colour combinations that add value to your core message. This is another area where it pays to get professional assistance in order to achieve the desired results.

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