Roles to Consider in Social Care

There are many occupational roles within the social care sector, all of which can be very rewarding. Some are more “hands-on” than others and involve direct contact with people in need of help. Some people do the hands on role in a full time capacity these people often being housekeepers. If you are looking to be part of a house keeper carers London agency, then look no further than .Others are more managerial or administrative. There are also several ancillary roles required such as chefs, drivers, housekeepers and caretakers. Here we look at the different sorts of roles available.

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Direct Care Roles

Direct care roles involve working directly with people in need of care. Examples include:

Activities Worker

Activities workers organise social events such as entertainment and away trips for people in need of support.

Care Worker

Care workers support people with day-to-day living, including meals, getting around, personal care, physical and social activities.

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Personal Assistant

PAs may live with an individual in need of support or make visits to them. Their aim is help people live independent lives.

Rehabilitation Worker

Rehab workers help people to regain their independence following an accident or illness, assisting with life skills such as budgeting and cooking and with accessing housing and financial support.

Advocacy Worker

Advocates help people who need to get their voice heard and ensure that their wishes are taken into consideration during decision-making regarding their lives.

Management Roles

Managerial care roles may involve managing small teams or running entire organisations. Examples include:

Team Leader/Supervisor

Team leaders oversee usually small teams of carers to make sure that high standards of support are maintained, rotas are drawn up and so on.

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Managers work at various levels, but broadly they are responsible for the day-to-day running of a department or organisation, including standards, contracts and budgets.

Specialist Co-ordinator

Specialist co-ordinators focus on one particular area of care, such as end of life or dementia care, and are responsible for setting policies and managing finances.

There are many more roles within social care, such as housing support officer, social care prescriber, welfare rights officer, volunteer co-ordinator, employment advisor, trainer/assessor, counsellor and a wide variety of admin roles in HR, marketing and finance. If you would like to work within the social care sector, there is certainly a wide variety of roles from which to choose.

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