Making a corporate office feel cosy

Making a corporate office feel cosy

One of the most effective ways to increase efficiency and productivity among your employees is to create an office atmosphere that is comfortable and welcoming.

Making a corporate office feel cosy

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The dingy Dickensian days of simply providing a desk and a filing cabinet are long gone.

After taking into account health and safety issues, there are many ways to turn a sterile environment into an office your workers are happy to arrive at each morning. After all, it is where they spend most of their time away from home.

Whether you have an office for five or 50 people, the same criteria applies when creating the most congenial place for your staff to work.

Attention to detail

There are basic requirements that need to be taken into consideration, such as ventilation and temperature control. Make sure they can be adjusted to take into account any sudden drop or rise in temperature or if the air becomes too stuffy.

A lot of research has been done on the ergonomic importance of office chairs, desk height and keyboards, but lighting is equally as important for optimum results. Choose soft lighting and individual lamps on each desk if possible.

Don’t forget the floor. Even hard-wearing carpets fade and need to be professionally cleaned regularly, so why not opt for distinctive wooden or laminate flooring? These options look more modern and are less labour-intensive to keep looking pristine. You can find plenty of affordable choices from companies such as

Make it personal

Before you apply a coat of paint onto the walls, involve your staff in deciding on the colour. This shows you value their opinion, and they will feel they have a say in their working environment instead of having something imposed upon them. They can also participate in decision making when choosing what to have adorning the walls.

The reception area, or the corner where staff sit and relax, looks far more inviting if you choose casual sofas and armchairs. They generally cost less than traditional office furniture and can be found in second-hand shops. Staff members might even have pieces they want to dispose of.

Bringing in plants and framed photographs from home also helps to provide a more personal imprint.

With these aesthetic touches, you can transform your office into a source of pride in the workplace, and the results will keep everyone happy.

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