How to use animation in web design

How to use animation in web design

This is the year when animation makes a comeback to the world of web design. It is a highly useful tool for selling, encouraging engagement and reinforcing company reputation. With a talented web designer on your team, animation can fit seamlessly into your design and enhance your users’ experience.

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It is important to exercise caution. If animation is used incorrectly, it can look clumsy and contrived and can put people off. However, if you use a talented website design company in Gloucester or elsewhere, they can help you to get it just right.

Why does animation work so well?

Modern scientific research has established that the human eye can detect three wavelengths of light: green, blue, and red. These are combined in the optic nerve at the rear of eye to send a signal to the brain. The human eye is attracted to moving objects, and this is why animation attracts our attention.

A web designer such as can harness the power of animation to channel users to a particular page on your site. This will usually be the page where your products or services are advertised.

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The purpose of web site animation

If the animation does not have a purpose, it should not be on your web site. The most common purpose is to add interest and entertainment to a web page. It can also act as a response. For example, hovering a mouse over a particular section of the page can trigger an animation that will catch the attention of the user. Finally, it could act as a notification. If it serves no purpose whatsoever for the user, it will simply get in the way and irritate the user, making them more likely to promptly leave the page.

Hover animations are especially attractive, and they can also be used as a neat navigational tool. As the mouse hovers above a section, there can be an overlay of colour or subtle movement of an object indicating interactivity. This increases interest and engagement.

Avoid text animations

Animated text may seem like a good idea, but this can often be difficult to read. It can also be slow to load, which slows down the user experience and makes the user more likely to leave.

By focussing on targeted and well-designed animation, you can significantly improve conversion rates.

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