How to Get the Most from your YouTube Channel

How to Get the Most from your YouTube Channel

Video will account for more than 80% of global web traffic by 2021, so here are a few key tips to help you maximise your YouTube presence.

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Create Engaging Content for your Audience

The most important component of every YouTube strategy is to consistently upload high-quality content that your audience wants to watch. Aiming for virality is a fruitless task and often won’t help you to achieve long-term core business goals anyway. As soon as you know what your audience wants to see, you can begin creating videos that are valuable, helpful and engaging. The best YouTube channels upload a variety of relevant videos, which might include how-to guides, reviews, product demonstrations, answers to frequently-asked questions, and behind-the-scenes content.

Optimise Every Video

Although YouTube reports more than one billion users who are collectively watching a billion hours of content every day, ensuring your video is seen by as many people as possible requires some careful optimisation.

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Your title should be concise, descriptive and contain a relevant target keyword or phrase. Aim for 60 characters or fewer to prevent it from being truncated in results pages. The description box should contain at least 200 words of keyword-rich copy, which will improve the searchability of your video.

Using relevant tags will tell your viewers what your video is about. Always select your tags wisely as YouTube will also use this information to associate your video with similar content, which will broaden its reach. Working with a Cheltenham marketing agency, such as the one that can be seen at will help you to identify the most valuable tags for each video you produce.

Brand your Channel

It is important to think of your YouTube channel as an extension of your brand. Customising your channel page with your brand colours and imagery will give your YouTube presence more credibility. If your channel contains more than 10 videos, consider creating playlists to organise your content by category. Your audience will appreciate you taking the time to help them find the content they are looking for quickly and easily.

Utilise Annotations, Cards and End Screens

These clickable calls to action are another excellent way to effectively guide your audience toward your website or another video. You can also use these features to encourage your audience to subscribe to your channel.

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