How to dress for your dream job at interview

If you’ve managed to bag yourself an interview for your dream job, well done! Next comes the tricky part. It can be daunting trying to think of the questions you will be asked and how you can provide a memorable answer that will make you stand out from the other candidates. However, first impressions also count, which is why dressing to impress is key.

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To wear a suit or not

For a long time, it was always thought that suits were the most appropriate choice for a job interview. Whilst this may still be the best choice for some roles, suits can feel a little stuffy, particularly if you are head to toe in black. If you want to keep it smart, mix it up a little and pair slim fit trousers or a knee length pencil skirt with a patterned blazer, rather than going for a matching suit.


If you are struggling to decide how much colour to add to your outfit, always remember to keep it subtle. Yes, your prospective employer will remember you if you are dressed completely in orange, but possibly not for the right reasons. Instead, add a touch of colour to your outfit, without going over the top. You could even incorporate the company colours for a great first impression.

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Dress to impress

A dress is a great option for an interview, as they are so flexible. AX Paris maxi dresses are a great choice, as they can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. You could keep it simple with a plain colour or choose a patterned dress for something a little bolder. Either way, you will look great and will feel much more comfortable, which is exactly what you need in an interview.


The question that many women struggle with when going for an interview: heels or no heels? As frustrating as it can be, the truth is that many employers find heels to be much more professional looking than flats. Of course, it won’t matter too much if maxi dresses are your go-to interview outfit, but if you are hoping to land a particularly professional role, always choose heels over flats.

So, with your interview preparation done and a killer outfit chosen, now’s the time to land that dream job.

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