How to design your own dressmaking fabric

How to design your own dressmaking fabric

If you are looking for a special fabric but cannot find exactly what you want, why not consider designing your own fabric? This is not as daunting as it sounds, with a number of companies now offering digital printing services. This means that you can simply upload the design you want to the website of the fabric printer, select the fabric and quantity required, and order.

How to design your own dressmaking fabric

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How to design your fabric

There are various methods you can use to create your design. Whether you prefer to paint, draw or use photographs, it is advisable to scan them and upload them to a photo editor. This means you can make alterations to the design if necessary before printing. Ensure you check the design carefully for any imperfections as these will appear in every repeat of the design when it is printed. You need to consider how the fabric will appear using different repeat options and select the most suitable one for your design.

Computer screens vary in how they display colours, so it is important to order a test swatch before completing the order. According to the Irish Times, bright, vibrant colours inspired by the Rio Olympic Games are popular at the moment.

A higher DPI (dots per inch) measurement produces a sharper image, so it is important to set this to a minimum of 150 DPI to ensure that the printed result is high in quality. The fabric you choose also affects the finished result, with materials such as linen look cotton or cotton poplin providing a stable background for your design. Most fabric printing websites offer a preview tool for making last-minute checks before finally placing the order.

Getting your fabric printed

There are many digital fabric printers in the UK offering a wide choice of fabrics on which to print. Some companies, such as Woven Monkey, offer just five types of fabric, whilst others, such as L & S Prints, have a much wider choice of fabrics including chiffon, spandex and knitted jersey. If you prefer to source your fabric from a particular retailer such as, Fabrica Textiles will print on fabric that you supply.

It is worth checking out the individual websites to find out what ink is used, prices, and how easy the site is to use before deciding which printer to use.

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