How Concrete is Made

Have you ever wondered how concrete is made? Basically, concrete is a combination of stone and paste. However, there are certain skills to get the right mix. More specifically, the paste is a Portland cement and water should be lining the small, smooth stone or aggregate and larger, coarse aggregate to form a good concrete mix. A chemical reaction called hydration occurs then the mixture hardens and strengthens and the final result is a hard and durable concrete.

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You may not have though much about concrete in the past but it’s a pretty amazing substance. When first mixed together, it has a consistency similar to plastic and is very malleable, but when it toughens into a set position, it is incredibly durable. This explains why it is commonly found in our towns and homes, being used for pavements, motorways, roads, bridges, dams and homes. If you are in need of this tough substance for any of your home projects, consider Ready Mix Concrete Derby at a site like  substances.

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So, how is the perfect mix made?

The secret of success is the proportion of the concrete materials and how you mix them. Too little paste and you will be left with a difficult mix to use, creating rough edges and becoming too porous. Mix with too much paste, it will be more susceptible to cracking. That’s why it’s so important to get it right and best left to the professionals.

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