Functional Durability Outsmarts Stylish Looks For Faucets And Sinks

Functional Durability Outsmarts Stylish Looks For Faucets And Sinks

A kitchen is the busiest part of a house and also an area that adds to its overall value. Therefore, whether you are thinking of staying or moving, for a house that is high on the market, a good kitchen is essential. What define an effective kitchen is not merely the storage options provided or the way the paint complements them. More important than that is considering the basic activities of washing, cleaning and draining, all of which underline the need of good kitchen faucets and sinks.

Style and appearance does matter but when you consider daily use, faucets and sinks should be user- friendly and also durable. For example, if the faucet has a good valve then there is less chance of a quick change from cold to hot when the handle is turned. This makes it safer to use especially in the case of children when such accidents can even cause burns.

There are also faucets in the market that are environment-friendly and are in keeping with the ‘Go green’ message. They offer air pressure that reduces the water needed though not the flow and also cut down on water supply bills. Good quality products with warranty serve better as they will give full value for the amount invested.

What to keep in mind regarding faucets and sinks

The most important thing to remember is that style is secondary here as these are basic fixtures needed to be used on a daily basis and are not merely showpieces in the kitchen.

Granite or stone countertop basins are best suited with stainless steel sinks as these can be easily under mounted. It is also relevant to consider the use of a sink. Most people tend to leave dirty dishes in along with leftovers and so, to prevent stained sinks, stainless steel is the best. Besides, it stays shiny and new for longer. Lower gauge sinks of this material are better in quality and if sound is the problem, opt for one which has sound absorbing technology.

If you want good looks and some amount of durability, the enamel coated ones in cast iron are the best. The only problem is that the enamel tends to scratch and show signs of wear over time. If people in the kitchen are rough users then this type of sink is preferably avoided. For easy clean-up facilities, a sink that is molded as part of the countertop works best. When you look at the under mount type, there is a slight problem in the joint area which does not exist in the solid surface type of sink as the area is smooth.

New Kitchen Faucet

The most durable faucet version is one that has a ceramic type of disc valve with solid brass as the material. Single lever handles serve better than dual ones. Brass is not a good option though but bronze, nickel and chrome and even pewter are durable. Before placing an order however, try to visit a plumbing store to get acquainted with the nature of the products, to ensure a satisfactory one.

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