Four important considerations when looking for IT support

Four important considerations when looking for IT support

Technology has become the lifeblood of business operations. From building security to the day-to-day activities of every department, technology has improved the speed and functionality of every aspect of business. No business, if it wants to stay competitive, can do without it, so it’s important that the technology itself isn’t taken for granted. It needs to be regularly maintained and upgraded, and when things go wrong, it’s vital that you have adequate support.

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When hiring an IT support company, there are some fundamental factors to consider.

Business requirements

The extent to which you need that support is an important consideration. Look at the type of technology you have, and what its functions are, before searching for an IT support company. Knowing what you need – and what you don’t need – will help to shortlist the type of IT support service your business requires.


You’ll need to find an IT support company that has the right tools and equipment for the job. Ask them how they would provide the kind of support that your business needs, and what kind of equipment they’d use. With the recent high-profile worldwide cyber attacks prompting tighter regulations, you need to make sure whoever you hire has the right credentials to provide a first class service.

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Response time

While many IT problems can be solved offsite, it’s often the case that you’ll require a visit from an IT technician. How accessible is the IT company? Would a big brand or a local firm like a Cheltenham IT support company such as be more suitable for your business? Response times are critical in helping to get your technology functioning again.


Make sure you’re not assigned an under-qualified technician. Ask the IT support company about the experience and qualifications of their staff, and ask to see proof where possible. With thousands of IT qualifications available, it’s difficult to know which ones matter. It’s reported that 96% of HR managers look at qualifications as part of their recruitment screening criteria for IT professionals, so there is an incentive in the industry to be well trained. Some of the more important qualifications are listed at

However, you should seek advice on the qualifications you need to be looking for, especially if your business has a unique or niche requirement.

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