Electric car battery innovation gets subsidies from the Government

Electric car battery innovation gets subsidies from the Government

The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) has awarded £62 million in government funding for research into emission-lowering projects. This funding comes from the government’s drive to lower carbon emissions in vehicle manufacturing.

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Who Benefits?

The APC was set up in 2013 with a target of saving 50 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2023. The APC aims to place the UK as a leading manufacturer of low-emission technology globally. The beneficiaries will be those carrying out research in the sector and the jobs that they will create and safeguard, which number 2,730 in the automotive industry alone. The projects included in the research are the development of electric car battery technology for low-emission electric cars. According to the APC, the funding shows commitment to investment in UK industry and the safeguarding of 30,000 jobs.


The money has been awarded to recipients such as Williams Advanced Engineering, who will be working with partners on developing high-performance batteries for car manufacturers. They will also be building the UK’s second electric battery plant. BMW Motorsport and Delta Motorsport are working with a research team from Warwick University to design and develop the electric car batteries, making it more power-dense and improve ease of use. Other projects are receiving money to work on projects such as lightweight vehicles that will maintain power while lowering emissions. Jaguar Land Rover will be leading a consortium to research these new cars and SUVs. Westfield Sportscars Ltd will be working on a hybrid powertrain, while New Holland Agriculture will be working on a gas-powered tractor.

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The consumer

The funding will affect the consumer as more people are opting for electric cars. There is currently a supply issue, with the UK unable to meet its manufacturing needs in the area. This research and development will have an impact on suppliers, who will be able to avail their customers of the greenest technology that is available. The infrastructure will also benefit from an upgrade, making electric cars a viable option.  People everywhere will soon have charging points in their houses which will definitely start showing in there Electric Meter Box that they sourced from sites like https://www.meterbox.co.uk/electric-meter-boxes.

With research, a new generation of high-performance vehicles will be available from buses, trains, SUVs and scooters to operate with lower carbon emissions without compromising on power and performance. A global network will ensure that these vehicles are user-friendly everywhere.

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