Easy design tips that will increase your blog conversions

If you want to build a loyal audience for your blog, there are ways to improve your reader experience. In addition to your blog content, the next biggest factor to consider is design. Your aim should be to optimise your blog so that you convert your visitors into subscribers and regular readers through social sharing, newsletter sign-ups and possibly sales. Below are some design tips to help you increase conversions through your blog.

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Easy navigation

Visitors will quickly leave your site if navigation is not clutter-free and easy to understand. It is the first link for visitors to explore your site; if they get confused, they will soon leave. Easy navigation includes using drop-down menus to prevent crowded links and a visible menu bar to make it easy to use. If you have any doubts, hire a specialist in web design in Sheffield to make things easier.

Newsletter sign-up

Your blog should already be collecting your visitors’ email addresses; if not, why not? Newsletters allow loyal customers to keep coming back to your site and potentially buy your products or services. You can have a call-out to a newsletter sign-up either at the top of the sidebar or at the end of your posts. This has the potential to convert a casual reader into a loyal fan and helps to increase conversions, as it suggests that readers who make it to the end of your post are likely to want to hear more.

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Design and imaging

No one is going to hang around your site if the design is cluttered and ineffective. You may have interesting, well-written blog posts; however, if it is too confusing, you will end up losing your visitors. Help can be sourced from professional companies such as www.dearnevalleywebdesign.co.uk, but one easy way you can attract readers to engage in your site is to include bold and beautiful imagery. This won’t cost you any extra, as there are enough free images to source from Flickr and Wikimedia, for example. You can also add diagrams, charts, illustrations and graphs to add more weight.

The importance of design on your business is necessary to not only attract visitors to your website but also to keep them returning. Follow these simple guidelines and watch your conversions rise.

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