Building stronger loyalty in 2016: four key tips

Relationship or retention marketing − the process of holding on to existing customers − is increasingly important. Not only is retaining customers cheaper than acquiring them but also the return spending tends to be worth more. In a world of increased web usage and ever-smarter, more demanding consumers, what can businesses do in 2016 to build stronger loyalty?

Data-driven marketing

This year consumers can expect to see a greater use of data-driven, personalised marketing by the companies most dedicated to building stronger loyalty. As the days of mass mailshots are gone, we will see more and more use of personal data to build loyalty. This does not have to be creepy or intrusive, as it can be as simple as a food or makeup firm suggesting products based on previous purchases and preferences. This approach can help to make consumers feel like invested individuals.

Use social media

Social media is vital in many ways when it comes to relationship building. Not only is it a valuable place to gain insight into consumers’ thoughts and feelings but also it is the perfect way to provide them with the content they want. It is also a place to engage, to create communities of like-minded consumers, and to launch a forum for discussion surrounding your product.

Building stronger loyalty in 2016

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Keep it real

According to American business magazine Forbes, brand loyalty is all but dead and ‘moment marketing’ simply doesn’t work anymore. What firms need to do to try to encourage loyalty is simple – they need to be authentic.

Be web friendly

A great-looking website is no longer enough. Your website needs to be easy to navigate, it needs to be full of useful content and it needs to engage with your members or consumers. Choose a web developer with experience in building websites that members can easily use, such as All good member sites have membership management systems in place and you will be surprised what effect this has on building loyalty; in addition, if you haven’t done it yet, go mobile!

Building strong loyalty is not only smart but is also essential in our new technological age. The good news is that it is this very same technology that can be used to help to build vital loyalty.

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