Bereavement charities to help in times of grief

Bereavement and end-of-life charity organizations help hundreds of thousands of people every year. If your loved one has been given a terminal diagnosis, or you are supporting bereaved children, or just need someone to talk to after a death, there is a charity there for you.

Marie Curie

Marie Curie assists more than 50,000 people each year when terminal disease rocks the lives of those diagnosed and their loved ones. Marie Curie nurses care for people in their own homes and they are the largest providers of hospital beds outside the NHS.

Marie Curie also cares for their families, supporting them through pre-mourning and after death. Through one-to-one support and counselling. The charity ensures that families can access bereavement support whenever they need it.

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At this hugely difficult time, finding a sensitive and reliable funeral director is also essential.

Donor Family Network

When a couple lost their 21-year daughter, their decision to donate organs and tissues saved and improved the lives of 74 people.

What they went through inspired the setting up of the Donor Family Network, initially as a Birmingham support group and later a national network of families who have lost loved ones and agreed to donate their organs to help others. The charity works hard to campaign for donation awareness.

Hospice UK

Almost a quarter of a million people with a terminal illness have access to hospice care each year. The charity supports the care of those people and is also behind the national project, ‘Open Up Hospice Care’, so that all can have access to quality end of life care.

Winston’s Wish

Every year in the UK, more than 41,000 children suffer parental loss. The charity Winston’s Wish is there to help children and young people through the pain and confusion of grief.

They also provide practical advice and help to families of children and professionals. They are dependent on the amazing fundraising efforts of the community to keep up their invaluable grief counselling.

Ambulance Wish Foundation

Created in the Netherlands, this charity is a newcomer to the UK but is already making a huge impact on people dying by granting wishes at the end of their lives.

This charity was founded by a Dutch ambulance driver in 2007, after he worked to achieve the final wishes of a man who had once been a sailor and wanted to travel on a boat one final time. The Foundation now has an ambulance fleet and specialists who can help those who are poorly and stuck in bed to get out and experience the things they desire before the end of their lives.

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When a partner or spouse passes away, life is forever changed. Bereavement charity Widowed and Young (WAY) is a network of support for young people who have experienced life-changing loss. They offer bereavement support, social events, and weekends away, connecting widows with others who understand what they are experiencing. Of course, if there has been a death and home ownership records need to be updated, why not contact Conveyancing Solicitors such as Sam Conveyancing.


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