Antiques online: The best apps and websites

Antiques online: The best apps and websites

Browsing around antique shops and fairs is still a popular pastime, but like many other areas of commerce, the internet has changed the way we look for products. These days, many people look for their antiques online.

Antiques online

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Whether you are looking for collectables or cast iron baths, you’ll find there are many websites and apps that can help you with your search. The advantage of the web is that you have access to many more options than you would simply by visiting your local shops. You can shop for antiques all over the world.

Where to start

You might think that the best place to start your search is with specialists, but you can often bag a bargain by casting your net wider and looking at some of the more general sites. If you’re searching online, don’t neglect the mainstream auction sites like eBay, which you can access on your computer or via an app on your phone.

Social media site Instagram has also set up its own platform allowing antique dealers to sell their goods via the site. Search engines like Google are a useful tool, too. Type in “where can I find cast iron baths” and you should find some useful leads.

Specialist sites

There are many sites specialising in antique products. Lots of local shops are now selling to a global audience by displaying their wares online. Of course, visiting dozens of different shop sites individually can be a bit of a chore, but there are now a number of portals that allow you to find antiques on offer from many sources all at once.

The Association of Art and Antique Dealers (LAPADA) has a site where its members can display what they have on offer, and you can search for items by category or price, allowing you to find items that suit your budget.

If you are keen on auctions, all of the major auction sites and many smaller ones are now online. This allows you to view the catalogue before the sale and even place bids online. When buying online at auctions, remember that you’ll have to either arrange to collect your items after the sale or pay for delivery. If you’re dealing with an auction house overseas, this could prove to be costly.

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