6 Ways to Save Money Right Now

If you lost your job today, how much money would you have saved up to survive in the upcoming months? What about the future? What if social security isn’t here? Are you going to work until you die? Did you know that more than 60% of the United States is one paycheck away from a disaster? Since you want to make sure you have money for a rainy day and for the future, it’s important that you start saving TODAY. Don’t make excuses and start following these tips now:

  1. Create a Budget

Each and every month, you’re going to want to create a budget. Make sure that you know where each and every dollar is going. Mark down your mortgage, car payment, average grocery bill and more. With this budget, treat your savings like a bill! Even if you can only save $100 per month, it’s better than nothing, and while $100 per month doesn’t sound like a lot, that $100 can soon become $350,000 over 40 years at 8%.

  1. Knock off Bills

Take a close look at that budget you have just created and see which bills you can get rid of. Do you really need that $150 cell phone bill? Do you need that $100 cable bill? While you don’t have to get rid of these bills, there are ways to cut back. For instance, cutting your cable bill off and using Netflix can easily save you $50 to $100 per month. What about using a prepaid smartphone plan for $30 instead of $125? Do you see how all of this can add up? Get rid of those luxuries you don’t use all the time.

  1. Get Rid of Fees

If you’re paying your credit card late, using a bank ATM that doesn’t belong to your bank or paying interest, these are fees that you shouldn’t be paying. Take a close look at the fees that you’re paying with every account. If you can avoid it, then by all means, avoid it!

  1. Compare prices

Every time you want to buy something, don’t just set out and get it. For instance, let’s say that you wanted to buy a new TV. You shouldn’t just run down to the local Best Buy and buy the first one that the salesperson recommends. Instead, use great deal websites online such as Slickdeals.com or price comparison sites such as Google Shopping. Try to find deals you can afford and take advantage of them. By using this strategy, that TV could cost you $499 instead of $1,299.

  1. Buy Used

Everything in life doesn’t have to be used. Take a car for example. The minute you drive a car off the lot, it isn’t like a house that gains value over time. No, in fact, it loses almost 20% of its value within seconds! Aside from cars, buy your clothes, electronics, games, DVDs, houses and anything else used. Let someone else take the hit and you can come in to buy it for pennies on the dollar.

  1. Coupons

Coupons may seem like something that those nut jobs on TV use, but coupons can literally save you hundreds each month. Whether it’s grocery shopping, clothes shopping or a new TV purchase online, make it a habit to search for coupon codes and coupons using databases. When using these coupons, try your best to use them on top of a sale price to really take advantage.

Generally, by just following these tips alone, there’s no reason you won’t free up a few dollars each month. Take that money you free up and throw it into savings. It’s up to you how you want to save, but again, by taking advantage today, you’re going to have a lot more for retirement and a rainy day in case you do lose your job.

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