Mobile advertising and Facebook ads reach a better ROI than desktop

Facebook announced autoplay videos in the mobile feed, in what seems one more experiment before launching video ads. Brands can not yet prove that bite but show a growing taste for ads on the social network Mark Zuckerberg. Although the number of companies and marketers who use Facebook is stabilizing, advertising on the social network continues to increase.

Mobile advertising and Facebook ads reach a better ROI than desktopeMarketer estimates that this year the company revenues in the US were around $ 3 trillion [USA] and next, for the first time, more than half of those revenues will come from mobile year, because it is through this channel where advertisers are more profitable investment. If we compare Facebook ads in mobile and desktop, the balance tips in favor of mobile. 35% of marketers think that the ROI on mobile was better, compared with 27% terse considers that got better return on investment in computer ads. These are data from a survey conducted this month RBC Capital Markets and Advertising Age in the United States.

Precisely mobile ads are one of the great efforts made by Facebook to improve its advertising deal between companies and advertisers. The other has been the platform of Facebook ad buying Exchange. And although both have relatively short running time, marketers are beginning to evaluate their effectiveness.

20% of marketers considered effective campaigns with Facebook Exchange

While mobile Facebook ads aim to reach the growing number of users accessing the network in this way, the launch of Facebook Exchange was an effort by the company to help advertisers capitalize on the full potential of segmentation that has the network social and could put advertisements based on the browsing behaviors of users. Although using Facebook Exchange has not spread far, only 18% of marketers used it in September, who have used the platform seem to have been satisfied with the results.From January to September, the number of respondents who that were effective campaigns has grown from 11% to 20%.

Segmentation is the key again. If Facebook recorded equally well browsing behaviors of users as does Google, or Google knew all personal information held Facebook users, advertisers would have enough material to refine the campaign and target your ads, resources and efforts to highly segmented public, which really interests your brand and are willing to listen.Advertising is the fight that keep both giants in recent times.

More than half of companies increase their budgets for ads on Facebook

The figures show that Facebook’s efforts are not being wasted because this month, 74% of marketers buying ads claims to be the social network, compared to 55% who admitted in July 2012. Growing advertising, grow revenue for Facebook, but the number of companies that use it. The figures at this point appear to have stalled. Perhaps because there are brands that have found that is not the platform that fits your goals and found channels in which dialogue with their most appropriate for their customers segment.

In any case, the payment part of the equation remains favorable to Zuckerberg and company have that 56% of brands increase their budgets next year for campaigns on Facebook.

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