Keys to understanding the digital marketing of your brand

As of today I still find episodes of disorientation in what refers to digital marketing by advertisers. It is customary for such episodes to have points of convergence in the on / off mix.

The evidence comes to light when evaluating off-line campaigns along with on-line campaigns. Perhaps, understanding how the information is consumed on the Internet today and concluding that the generation of interest and attraction in on-line – beyond impact – is the way to build a good digital strategy, we will be able to lay the groundwork for setting a good Course without losing the orientation.

On Air. The activity in digital marketing is permanent 24 · 7 · 365

Digital marketing is an activity that in many of its disciplines is constant at all times. Understand that the digital identity of your brand must be dynamic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year is key. To this permanent record we must necessarily bear in mind three key concepts:

  • Exposure . Your brand is exposed at all times, whether through your corporate website, blog or official profiles on social networks. And if you are not in networks, do not fool yourself, they will also talk about you. Do not hide anything.
  • Excellence . In line to hide nothing and be permanently exposed as a brand, you must guarantee, even if you do not communicate, a degree of excellence at least notable in your business activity, socks or airline tickets. Any doubtful process in your activity can generate disasters. Today, excellence can no longer be just a word of mouth.
  • Listen . Since you are exposed, contract tools or services that allow you to listen to what is set around your brand, whether in your own domains as in external ones, not forgetting the competition and what they also say about it.

Information consumption has definitely changed

Accepting change is already a step, a good symptom of adaptation and by which measures are taken. Let us summarize that change:

  • Digital Natives . The audience we will address in a few years will be digital natively, and in fact in many sectors it is already. We are talking about pure digital natives who have grown up with broadband and touch devices.
  • Volume of information . This new purely digital audience receives more data than its capacity to process them. This fact does not discourage it, on the contrary, it makes it develop other ways of consuming information, including new channels and habits. Our new audience is definitely more informed than other generations. Think about how you can influence this in your results account knowing that, the more information, the more difficult it is to influence a buying decision.
  • Choice of means . In this context, it is inevitable that any digital-sensitive brand understands the importance of choosing the means to reach its target. In what channels will I enter, why and in what way?
  • Attention economy . We think little, but it is obvious. The more information available, the more difficult it is to capture the attention of our target through our contents. Capturing those minutes, sometimes seconds, of our audience’s attention is our challenge. Keep it our success. A set of different actions in digital marketing will help to maintain that attention among our target and make it grow.
  • Reality Bites . The new digital audience has mostly no linear method to build their opinion, but has become accustomed to doing so through pieces of informational reality. It is key to understand this part to choose well channels and models of content to distribute on-line to be able to generate attraction between our audience.

Infoxation Vs Recommendation

Facebook proves it every day with its growth data. It bases its evolution on how information moves between friends. The recommendations generate attention, Facebook happens every day. And let’s not forget that your discharge on Facebook was given, we are practically sure, because a number of friends of yours had already registered and they had recommended it. Let’s understand this to continue to address the digital marketing of your brand.

The more information (vast volume of information), the more need to locate prescribers from information sources that, as a user, separate the wheat from the chaff. They are real sources on which to place more trust with respect to others. Your information covers a part of my concerns as a user and with them I stay.

Any brand, business or personal project can enter into such referential sources. How to do it is another story and will always depend on the nature of each brand and context.

Digital Media: Win Vs Buy Now

At no point do I want to question the off, however I think it appropriate to raise the on-line and sucapacidad to generate interest where it touches him because, after all, he is also able to create new ways of understanding a brand.

We believe, and we only believe, that even today the off-line is overrated. There are several studies that point out that actions related to attraction marketing are more effective than those based on impact generation. That is, it is more positive for any brand to gain attention than to buy impact. Especially in the long run.

It is necessary to give value to the digital content, the freedom of the user to choose you, the independence of consulting you when and how you want and the new formats that facilitate this process. In the end, thinking about the key of attraction will make us think more about the user and it will be at that point where we will make the change and, in turn, take the reins to worry about how to measure this new dimension, something that we can leave For another post.

Beyond specific techniques in digital marketing, it is advisable to establish these bases and open your brand awareness to them, assuming them to face the next challenges – more tangible – in more specific actions.

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