Google to continue mobile agenda in 2016

Google to continue mobile agenda in 2016

2015 was very much the year of mobile in the world of SEO, with Google’s mobile-friendly update and the introduction of deeper app indexing both having a major impact on optimisation strategies across the world.

Now that 2016 has arrived, webmasters may be hoping that the upheaval is over for the time being and that they now have some breathing space to take stock and prepare for the next changes and trends that will be brought to bear on their sites.
Google to continue mobile agenda in 2016

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The reality of the situation, however, is that Google’s agenda is unlikely to alter this year. Mobile search is an ever-increasing priority for the firm, with more and more users migrating away from desktop and therefore more reliant on portable devices when entering queries.

This means businesses that have yet to make their sites mobile friendly are only going to have a tougher time achieving a good organic ranking in 2016. Getting in touch with an optimisation expert, such as Gloucester SEO agency Digi-tel, is a good idea if you want to avoid further penalties.

App attack

One of the ways in which Google will be advancing its mobile-first agenda this year is via the closer integration of app content with its SERPs. The introduction of app streaming has made in-app content a competitor for on-site content.

As content that is only available via an app can now appear on mobile search, sites will have to optimise with this in mind. For businesses that have a web presence and a standalone app, this presents as many opportunities as it does potential problems for businesses seeking help from Gloucester SEO agency specialists.

Video takeover

Another part of Google’s strategy for 2016 is to make more use of the ability to showcase video content to mobile users, mostly to generate ad revenue. Native, full-screen promotions that deliver a rich multimedia experience are sure to shift the balance of PPC and also organic SEO.

While it will be necessary to tread carefully to avoid putting off the growing number of mobile users, there is a balance to be struck between ads that are invasive and those that are ineffective. For businesses looking to promote themselves and create engaging content, video is the next big thing in the mobile era.

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