Do you know the funnel Twitter?

Do you know the funnel Twitter?

The social network Twitter a few years ago when he was born, a huge market share was gained as a communication tool. Cost sees today a journalist without an active twitter account. Although it is one of the most important global social networks, the big challenge now is in:

  • Win in profitability: hence the tweets and sponsored accounts.
  • Show twitter as a business tool for companies: Proof of this is the cards twitter for lead generation.

Do you know the funnel TwitterWhat is a funnel?

The funnel or “funnel” is a marketing tool that helps us visualize a purchase or conversion process that can follow a user. The most common funnel is trying to convert hearing or visits unknown “prospects” to end up being customers.

This is useful for the following tasks:

  1. Fleshing out the most suitable type of broadcast content to give.
  2. Define the target audience.
  3. Indicate the “timings” and calendars of the various actions.

The stages of conversion in twitter funnel

Finally, if you moved to twitter we can admire the following steps:

  1. Brand awareness (awareness): In this first stage is where the brand itself begins to launch their tweets and communications to gain visibility within the “timeline”.
  2. Association message: After a few social impacts, the user begins to associate the brand with the values reported. These now include: quality of service, reputation, and experience … The main objective is to place the mark in the “top of mind” of the prospective client.
  3. Brand preference: Here we stand at the moment that the user understands that the products or services offered match their real needs. It has raised the level of empathy and begins to emerge prescribers and brand advocates.
  4. Direct Response: When the visitor overcomes the above 3 stages, takes action and makes a direct action. You may already be a request for information for a particular product or even purchase.
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