5 reasons why you cannot miss a Community Manager

5 reasons why you cannot miss a Community Manager

With the emergence of social networks in our society, a new professional figure began to emerge, that of the community manager; Professionals responsible for the management of social media, perhaps at that time, this concept seemed futuristic and intended only to large companies.

Many employers did not see this figure as necessary, since this work, in the opinion of most of them, could be done by any member of his company in his downtime. A few years later, the profiles of those who rejected the work of community managers are deserted and content that “dirty” the image of the company, others rectified in time and managed to make the presence of your brand profitable in social networks.

For all those who still doubt the worth of the Community, here are five aspects that make it indispensable to fundamental:

Image: Social networks have become the best showcase for any brand on the Internet, the wall of a Facebook Fan Page, our Twitter profile, everything is corporate image. The information, communications and all kinds of updates that we use in these media are going to become part of the company, there is nothing more harmful to the image of a brand that your profile is full of empty updates.

Trust: The competition is getting bigger and we have to contribute a plus to the information that we provide of our products, besides explaining its characteristics we must give a more personal image of them and that in turn generate a greater confidence to the potential client, making him Know that our product is going to be useful and will improve your day to day. The Community Manager can be responsible for generating this trust, because it knows the lack of competition facing the client and that way can establish that difference that will be key to decant the decision of the client.

Communication: Social networks are a great loudspeaker in the network, the virality, indexation and interaction they provide are very large, for this reason we must take into account not only what we mean but what we mean, the Community is prepared and qualified To be able to represent and give voice to the company.

Answer: When to respond to an unsatisfied customer? How to do it? When? Too many questions right? An unsatisfied customer can become a loyal customer, for this reason a good management in the answer is fundamental.

Monitoring: or what is the same, listen to what they say about us. All this can help to know and know the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s actions, knowing what they say about us will help us to better define our actions.

These reasons are key in the consolidation and growth of a company, Do you still believe that the Community Manager has no place in your company?

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