Different Types of Digital Signage

Different Types of Digital Signage

Here we look at what digital signs are, the different types and how they can be used effectively for businesses. Digital signage is an electronic display used for a variety of purposes including information, menus, promotional material and similar business messages for advertising.

The signs usually make use of technology like LCD, LED, plasma or projected images and are used in both private and public places, such as hotels, restaurants, shops, transport hubs and motorways. They are controlled remotely by computers or servers.

Digital signs can be useful for a wide range of applications:

Public information displays such as news, weather and traffic updates

Corporate messages for internal use

Restaurant menu displays


Brand promotion and identity building

Enhancing a customer experience

Creating a more interesting environment with interactive screens

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Different Types of Digital Signage:

For businesses choosing this kind of signage, there are multiple options available depending on the purpose.

Signs for indoor use

For businesses who need to supply messages, service information or other displays for clients, indoor signage options are the best option. These signs can be updated quickly in a helpful way to customers, whether it’s a live feed, social media stream or RSS feeds. This kind of signage is able to display any form of media format.

Digital Posters

These are a highly effective marketing tool, using high definition displays with in-built media players. They do require manual updates and cannot be changed remotely or instantly. For more information on Digital Signage, visit https://moodmedia.co.uk/digital-signage-solutions

Menu Boards

These can either be used as a standalone display or as part of a network. They use an LCD monitor and are found in the majority of successful bars and restaurants across the country. They are useful for enhancing sales and owners can update prices and menu items from anywhere. New promotions and specials can be added straight away and cross-selling is made easier. They also do away with the costly need for printing.

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Outdoor Signage

Located in an outdoor position, these signs are part of a network and feature an LCD inside an enclosure to protect from theft and vandalism. They are the ideal solution for businesses to promote their brand and advertise to potential customers who would otherwise have no exposure to the goods and services on offer.

Due to the high cost of marketing, many businesses tend to rely on a single advert that will reach the highest number of people for the longest time. Whilst this approach might be partially successful, it is not targeted. Digital signage allows an approach that is cost-effective and tailored towards specific target audiences.

The digital signs that a business use will depend greatly on the needs of that business and the preferences of the individual making the decision. Be sure to contact a professional provider to get the best signage solutions for your business.


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