What to do if your Workplace has a Thief in the Midst

Most businesses do not have a problem with the trustworthiness and reliability of their employees. But every so often it comes to light that there may be some dishonesty in the workforce and there are thefts happening withing the company. This may be items from a shop that is run, personal data or information or cash for example, but no employee should be taking anything from a business without permission, so what do you do about it as the business owner?

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Theft is a massive problem if it is within your workforce and can quickly have negative effects on your business. It can cause issues with your profits, team morale and also can create serious problems for your business if there have been data breaches. There are many methods that you can use to tackle the problem – here are a few…

Get to know the staff better – When you have a closer relationship and understanding of your staff, it is easier to pick up on the personalities in the workforce and might make it easier for you to work out who may be stealing.

Hire a private detective – There are many private detective companies, such as this private detective London based company who will be able to help you to investigate the problems in the workplace, as well as being able to provide evidence which can then be used when dismissing and pressing charges.

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Increase your Security – Make sure that you tighten up the security – CCTV, adding password protection, and restricting access to certain places is a good way to prevent theft.

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