What really sells is the thrill of the product?

You know what you are in life? What is your legacy? The search for an answer can be complicated, but it really should be simple. You have come to life to try to make an impact on others. Try to leave good memories, because this will be marking your position on others. If you succeed means you’ve been on the right track in creating your personal or business brand.

Already said Maslow’s pyramid, but this is more important now with the new socio-economic environment and the humanization of business. Transcendence is the concept and makes sense with others. Thus, raisins to be the preferred option in any particular area.

What really sells is the thrill of the productMarketing is not a battle of products and other perceptions. People do not buy the best product, but he thinks is the best. It is the emotion of what really sells product, not the product itself. They are all feelings that you generate when someone hears your name or the name of your product or company.

Each person is unique and unrepeatable. No uninteresting people. There are simply people who are not themselves or ignore who they really are and, therefore, this does not leave a mark not having a clear direction and persevere enough. In the professional field, you do not grow because your footprint fails to transcend and impact others. There is nothing worse than spending indifferent.

Passion is the true engine of all. Marketers are most passionate about their work. Passion influences everything. Every decision you make, every course you take, every detail or vocation of service you have, every story you tell, every desire to excel you have, etc, will add experience to others and you generating a social impact. In addition, the inspiration in others is the result of leadership. There is no better advertising than satisfied and infected by emotions and becoming brand ambassadors people do, because people are socially programmed.

For example, Steve Jobs had intended to “make their mark in the universe” and ended up earning an important place in the history of business. But why do not you try to reach everyone. Moreover, we should not try to please everyone. Focus on your niche market (which can also be great). It is preferable to leave a mark on a few that reach many people with indifference. If you try to be everything to everyone, then you will not be anything to anyone. To do this, meet with, put yourself objectives and persevere. And put passion to life and your work. Live as if every day were your last. It is the only beautiful part of death. Do not forget that someday we will all be a memory. It depends on how you seduce and cause me to be reminded by you will come to know.

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