Six Tips When Viewing Your Potential New Home

Six Tips When Viewing Your Potential New Home

Viewing properties can be an exciting but daunting experience. Buying a house could be one of the biggest investments that you ever make, so you need to choose wisely.

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A report in PropertyRoad suggests that the average home buyer will view a property 2-4 times before committing to a sale. This gives you plenty of opportunities to scope out the property and take note of some key things. But what should you be looking out for when viewing a potential new home?

Look Beyond the Decor

It’s only natural to first notice the decor of a property. Garish wallpaper or old-fashioned carpets can be changed. What you really need to be taking note of are the things that are going to be difficult and costly to alter. Look for signs of damp (flaking plaster or watermarks on walls and ceilings) and structural issues such as cracks in walls. Dodgy electrics may also be visible from power points or ill-placed wires coming out of walls. Ideally, a survey should pick up on any major issues, but they are always worth looking out for.

Space and Storage

In a home buyers survey Birmingham surveyors might also mention the amount of storage space available. Think about where your belongings will go. Does the property offer built-in wardrobes? Are there additional storage spaces such as closets, cupboards and utility areas? New-builds can be sadly lacking in these sort of spaces, and it’s important to know where your belongings will go.

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Similarly, the layout of a home will play a big part in your new lifestyle there. Are there going to be any challenges if you were to have a bedroom or bathroom downstairs, for example? Which way does the house face? This will affect the amount of natural light that comes into the property.

Household Costs

In a home buyers survey Birmingham surveyors could also recommend asking the vendor about household costs. Council tax can vary between properties and areas. An idea of utility bills is also useful to know when considering how efficient the heating system is. You don’t want to be surprised by any extreme running costs after committing to buy.


Does the surrounding area offer good amenities? Shops, pubs, schools and an overall good sense of community? Are these things are important to you?

Gut Feeling

Many people report to having a gut feeling when walking into a house, and this shouldn’t be discounted. Well-loved homes that have been well maintained often have a good aura, whereas those that have been neglected could lack that. It’s not necessarily logical, but it can be important.

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