Nielsen and ComScore faced with patent rights

Nielsen and ComScore faced with patent rights

Nielsen and ComScore are two of the largest Internet audience measurement companies in the world, and right now they are engaged in a very tough legal battle over alleged patent violations.

On March 16, Nielsen filed a complaint against ComScore in a United States District Court, alleging that he violated his patent rights. “Although we support the energetic competition in the market, it must be fair and respect intellectual property rights.” “Nielsen does not take these issues lightly, and only after exhaustive analysis and consideration, we present this action,” Nielsen authorities said in a statement.

On the other hand, ComScore filed a counterclaim against Nielsen in another court for the same reason, an alleged violation of patents, although it was not possible to contact them to comment on this information, although the document submitted to the Government states that “ComScore it intends to vigorously protect intellectual property and defend itself “.

In both cases, the companies claim damages, in addition to precautionary measures, although they did not exceed the amounts claimed.

We remind that both companies are dominant sources of measurement that perform analyzes on time and number of people who visit a specific website, and their data is generally used to set the price of advertising on an Internet site.

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