Make Sure that Your Office is Germ-Free When you Return

Offices are starting to open up again and many of the people who started to work from home last year are cautiously beginning to make our way back to work. One of the most important things at this time when heading back into the office is the need to keep it clean. This is an important way to reduce the spread of Covid and help us get back to work safely.

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Hiring a local cleaning company like contract cleaning Cheltenham based company Big Green Cleaning to do a regular deep clean is a good idea, but there are also areas that you and the rest of the office can focus on keeping clean as a team.

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The first thing to do is to create a rota so that everyone plays an equal part and also, so each person knows what they are responsible for cleaning. When doing this think about the surfaces that are touched regularly – for example, once an hour, someone could clean the doorhandles.

Other regularly touched places such as light switches and phones are also prime locations for spreading germs so make sure that these are also part of the regular cleaning rota. If you can, try not to let anyone share equipment – keyboards are notoriously full of germs and bacteria anyway, so they are a perfect breeding ground for germs.

As well as cleaning, make sure that you are also keeping windows open to encourage air to circulate around the room, and that you provide hand sanitiser by the entrance for people to use when they first arrive.

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